Hello. My name is Oleksandr, I’m from Ukraine (UTC+2)
Good team player. Really love to work. I want to sure that the clients’ requirements are met at the best possible level, providing the highest quality, standards, compatibility and creative ideas.

I work with:
– HTML5 + CSS3 (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.);
– JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, AngularJS/Angular2, NodeJS);
– Databases (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL);
– CSS Preprocessors (SASS, LESS), Task runners \ bundlers (Webpack, Grunt etc);
– RESTful Services and APIs, Cross-Browser, responsive development;
– RoR (Front End);
– CMS experience (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal);
– GIT, SVN, Scrum, Agile;
– More if needed.

– Experience working in a team;
– Ready for overtime work;


Upwork profile

Feel free to text me, usefur1@gmail.com